Saturday, April 26, 2014

Surigao Day 2: NO MAN IS AN ISLAND

DAY 2.  We spent  our second day visiting 3 islands - Cabgan, Turtle, & Snake Island. It was much more fun because we had the island to ourselves. It wasn't crowded at all, unlike the islands in Brittania, to the point of not knowing were to place ourselves due to insufficient availability of space!

It's nice to have the islands to ourselves. It kinda feels like you own the place but really you don't! (HAHA!) Introvert mode on. Some peace and quiet. And away from all the people, the reality, the world.. Okay. Stop. Waaaay too much introvert feels.

One thing this day was more fun? We were grilling chubby bunnies (Yes, I'm referring to marshmallows) and a big fish that a fisherman who was too nice to have given it us for free! Quote and unquote: "The best things in life are free!"

It was actually my first time to grill marshmallows and eat smores! It was delicious that I kept on grillin. *Shut up calories, I cant't hear you. (Haha!)* The downside only was that it was hot. The weather was hot. The fire was hot. And I'm hot. So it wasn't really the right time to be doing smores. But grilling makes me feel like I'm living in an island-survivor-kind-of-life! Which is fun and at the same time making me feel like a caveman that is living la vida loca on the beach rather than in the cave. 

What I'm Wearing: Cover Up - Three Wishes Shop | Bikini top, Shorts, Sunnies - Forever 21 | Jelly thongs - Zoelala |

Photos By: Alson Camile | Katch Dacalus

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