Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FOOD BLOG: Kalakoa Coffee Hut

It's tuesday and supposedly there should be a class but luckily its #NoClassTuesdayToday because of a holiday that I dont even know. (Hooray!)  Whenever there's a memo about holidays & no class I just get all giddy and do a happy-crazy-dance in my mind (Not literally, lol!) and never mind why. Anyway, since there is no class I'm making the most out of this "break". 

So I decided to fetch my friend Sonnii (He's really flexible! You can just grab him whenever you want him to, like seriously!) So we were out and about in Abreeza and we saw this cute with a Hawaiian vibe place! And coincidentally, we were both hungry. So why not try this place out? :)

 One of my favorite things about the place is that they have this comfy lounge area! Which actually caught my eye first! Doesn't it just reminds you of the beach? It sure is!

But if you don't want to squat, chairs are available for you to properly sit on! Though they are tiny, I don't recommend this to giant and long-legged people. (Sorry, Ben!) And oh that guy on the picture is my friend Sonnii.

Sonnii, meet my readers. Readers, meet Sonnii! :)

 Another fave is their cute (okay, this is the last time I'm going to write "cute". I just couldn't help it because the place is just too cute! Ooops, #SorryNotSorry.) and colorful place mats! It makes me all nostalgic on my childhood days.

 (Aloha Baked Fish Pie)

 And now for the food (I guess everyone's favorite part. Hihi). I was in heaven when I heard that this pie is made out of fish! (Yup, I'm a pescetarian. You read that right! I only eat seafoods, veggies, and other foods as long as its not poultry meat.) Can that be even possible? (I thought so too!) This baked fish pie tastes like "Imbutido" (not sure of the spelling though.) and it doesn't tastes like fish at all! So all you meat lovers should try this! ;)

This Aloha baked fish pie should be paired with rice.That's what I keep on muttering while eating this pie. Its more of an "ulam" than a dessert!

(Tuna Melt Sandwich)

Being a pescetarian made me appreciate more the taste of tuna. Actually it's one of my favorites now! What I love about their tuna melt sandwich is that it is so creamy that you would think its melting inside of your mouth. IT IS THAT GOOD! (capslock para intense) And I recommend you to try this one! You might want to swap that poultry meat to this tuna ;)

 (Chorizo Carbonara)

Since it has chorizo (which is a poultry meat) I didn't get to chow down all of this (pescetarian lifestyle! Hihi) but I had a little taste of it. I can say that its not too sweet, it has a bland taste (which I prefer more that the sweet ones!) and it is so creamy. So all meat eaters out there, this is your meal! (I can hear you meat lovers muttering, "Finally real food!") Haha!

 Left: Oahu Smoothie (kiwi & strawberry). Right: Maui Smoothie (banana & strawberry)

And for the drinks we ordered these smoothies made out of berries. I'm such a sucker for berries that I ordered my drinks first before the meal ones (Haha!). I have nothing else to say but its a MUST TRY! 

Did you know? Banana is considered a berry.

Photos by: Sonnii Camile
& Truly Yours.

Urban Turf, 3/F
Abreeza Mall
JP Laurel Ave., Davao city