Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Travel Diary: Talikud Island!

Hi guys I'm black back! Back from an unforgettable experience of scuba diving, snorkeling, mantatow diving and other fun-filled activities that requires the beach! Honestly, of all field exposures I've been in this is far most the best! Now don't be shock if I'm black as *insert-all-the-black-things-you-can-imagine*. That's what they say "Once you go black, you never go back!" Haha. #JustKidding! Oh I hope not..

Twas my first time to go actually this deep. Yes, I'm an introdiver. A beginner. A first timer. A noob. Well, I was one of the first batch who got to try scuba diving. First was the boys then followed by the girls on the following day. Since I was too excited and giddy I begged our teacher to let me join the boys! And without any hesitation he allowed me. Weee. #OneOfTheBoys*Always been* ;)

The underwater world is much more beautiful than the terrestrial world! Different kinds of corals ranging from the hard to the soft ones, colorful fishes of all sorts, and hues of many blues! Unfortunately I saw a lot of plastics, diapers, and whatnot. I just hope EVERY individual was more responsible enough to take care of the sea. *Sigh*

I brought my new toy/baby - GoProHero3+ to my odyssey underwater! Brought it to like almost everywhere and tried all sorts of angles and perspectives. Don't judge! Twas my first time to try it. Haha! I even brought the manual and studied so hard before getting to our destination ;)

I was #PrettyInPink in my scuba diving outfit! Well, I didn't really planned this #OOTD. Coincidentally my rashguard matches well with the body suit! Oh, the fashion gods must have done this ;) Apart from all the water activities, I did a little yoga/exercise sessions. I felt like I was an acrobat. Doing these weird positions with all the stretch and planks. I guess the beach has this effect on me! #SorryNotSorry.

We really needed this much awaited break. This trip was just a day after our final defense! A breather from all the stress & pressure our thesis gave us. It was also a "sort-of" celebration since our final defense was a success! Mostly only minor revisions. Hoorah for us! We deserve this!!!

Do you still remember Finding Nemo?

Digos. Check! SPC Marine Station. Check! Talikud Island. Check! Last stop - Pantukan! Another trip plus all sorts of adventures to try. So stay tuned ;)
I hope you had fun with my underwater shenanigans as well as the terrestrial ones. Lol :D


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