Monday, October 21, 2013

FOOD BLOG: Yellow Hauz

There are times when I like to be alone. Sometimes I like the feeling of somewhat being "aloof" but not all the time though. Having a company is much more fun and exciting! Right? I'm happy being around my friends and "minions" (Hahaha!) too but there are times I just want to be with myself. #MeTime! :)

One of the places I love to hangout whenever I'm alone is the Yellow Hauz. I love being here it makes me do stuffs that I can't whenever company is there. I can read my novels without any interruptions, I can study here because it is so quiet and not so crowded (unlike others), and I can do my blogger duties here :)

Since I do a lot of reading here I'm going to share to you my current read, the one I'm reading right now is "Seth Baumgartner's Love Manifesto" by Eric Luper. It is about that four-letter-word again. Love, in all forms. Love for family, friends, and everything in between. This novel explores what love is, why love is, and why we're stupid enough to keep going back for more. Okay enough with love let's move on to the food (My other love!).
 (Tomato & Garlic Pizza)

I've been here a lot of times so I already tried a lot of their food. So let's start with the pizza, this is my fave pizza among other pizzas. Since I can't eat all other pizzas in the menu (because they contain meat) this one I proclaim as my favorite. I know its so simple with all the cheese, garlic, & tomato but hey it's still delicious. Don't judge a book by its cover! ;)

(Upper: Rose Mary Chicken. Lower: Tuna Garlic Pasta)
They also serve meals with rice as well as pastas if you're not really into pizzas and sandwiches. My sister ordered the Rose Mary Chicken she said that it was "blah". It was also dry and just "blah". So I guess hearing from her comments its obviously not that good. But they say "To see is to believe" but in this case it's "To taste is to believe" well go ahead! ;)

Of all the foods in their menu, Tuna garlic pasta is the bomb! My favorite-of-all-time (here in Yellow Hauz. Haha!) When I first tried this that was the time I actually appreciated the taste of "tuna" and realizations sinked in, "Where have you been all my life?!" (Haha!) It is just so good! And I do recommend you to try this. If you're a fan of tuna, mushroom, and olive this is the dish for you! As you can see I piled on the onions and pepper at the side of my plate. (O.C me!) #DontJudge!
And oh some tips, eat this pasta while it is still hot. It's not really that "yummy" when it gets cold ;) Trust me, I've been there!

(Left: Grilled Garlic & Cheese Sandwich. Right: Chocolate & Mint blended coffee)
Honestly, I didn't really enjoyed this sandwich as much as I did with their tuna melt. I didn't really taste the garlic, the cheese was so overpowering that they should've just named it "Cheese Sandwich".
Another favorite of mine, is their chocolate and mint blended coffee. One of my two favorite things piled into one. I mean, who doesn't like choco and mint together! They're inseparable!

 (Banana & Strawberry Milkshake)

My milkshake brings all the boys in the yard and they're like.. Okay enough. This song just gets in my mind every time I order a milkshake. (Haha!) Their milkshakes are also a must! I prefer them over their smoothies which has an obvious fake taste. (You know the powdery and syrup kind of taste). One thing I hate though, it is so creamy that I have a hard time sipping all of it. Or maybe the straw is just so thin that it can't compensate their milkshakes' creaminess. 

(Tuna Melt Sandwich and Sola Raspberry Iced Tea)

It doesn't look any different from their Grilled garlic & cheese sandwich. Nothing special though, just tastes like other tuna melt sandwiches in the town.


It's actually my first time to try macaroons. I didn't really liked it at all. It didn't meet my expectations. Like they say, "Looks can be deceiving!" and their colors too! I mean, who can't say no to these adorably cute pastel colors? What I love about macaroons is that they melt inside your mouth. Don't you think?

So if you want a peaceful and quiet place who plays a lot of indie songs (Yes I'm a fan of the Indies!!!), Yellow Hauz is the one!

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