Monday, October 28, 2013


What to do on a sembreak? Well I got a lot of plans constructed on my mind but not even one has been accomplished (Thanks to my lazybutt!). So for the past few days I'm stuck here in our "paradise", waiting for something to happen. (Hangout, maybe?)

One of my favorite past times is reading novels (I guess I'm a bookworm?). My current read for now is David Levithan's "The Lover's Dictionary". It is about the story of a relationship told as a dictionary. (Isn't it so creative?! Uggh gotta love David!). Actually, I've been eye-ing on this novel for like several months ago. I just couldn't buy it because it's kinda expensive. But then God loved me so much that He put it on sale. (Big Hooray for Fullybooked!)

I just couldn't help myself in having a little bit of an intimate relationship with our pool. I mean, who couldn't say no to it? Everytime you glance at it, it's like pulling you near and have a little taste of summer. And oh, the crystal clear water was also tempting! ;)

 I just love the color combination of my bikinis. Isn't it just perfect with the crystal clear blue water? They compliment each other in every angle! ;)

Bikini (bottom): iLoveKoi Swimwear
Sunnies: Call It Spring
Novel: Bought at FullyBooked

Photos by: Alson Camile

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