Saturday, October 12, 2013

In Full Bloom

I'm such a big fan of florals! I'm such a sucker for anything that has flowers! It could be a floral dress, floral tops and as well as flower wreaths (I have tons of them!). Every time I wear flower wreaths around my head they'd always label me as: fairy, flower girl, hipster, etc. You name it all! Whatever labels, no one is going to stop me from wearing them! And yes, I do get a lot of stares from strangers. Not sure if that is a compliment or what. (Hahaha!)

 So for this look I opted to go bohemian feels. It just screams boho beacuse of the boots, floral wreath and the little floral dress. I actually bought this from Kids of Bayo. Yep, you heard it right this dress is from the "KIDS" department. Hey, don't judge me it fits me well! (and its much cheaper compared to the adult ones). And because it was a bright sunny day I put on my neon pink sunnies to protect my eyes while driving. Yes, I drive! (Woman Empowerment. Aha!). This #OOTD of mine also screams for SUMMER! (I can't wait for sembreak! It's like the summer of ber-months).

 What I love about this dress is that though it looks so demure & covered in the front, it has a little peek-a-boo detail at the back. I'm also a sucker for "sexy backs" (It's one of my signature style!).

Let's talk about something not related to my #OOTD. Since the title of my post is "In Full Bloom", let's talk about me. I can say that I'm a late bloomer. I'm a plant that blooms later than similar plants or that blooms late in the season. I got my period in my 4th year highschool (too much information! Haha). I got taller when I entered college as well as adipose tissues in my pectoralis. (TMI again!) Okay, I'm going to stop now. Anyhoo, they always say better late than never! ;)

Flower Wreath: Royal Park shop
Sunnies: Aldo
Floral little dress: Kids Of Bayo
Belt: Promod
Boots: Payless
Watch: Aldo

Photos by: Ate Inday