Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween: TEETH

It's that time of the month again where everyone (Which I doubt!) dress up for trick or teat, Halloween parties or might be just for fun! To all who celebrates and doesn't celebrate (Preferably the killjoys), Happy Halloween guys! Hope y'all had a blast!

Who among you have watched the movie "Teeth"? (Put your hands up in the air!) Haha. Anyway, It's about this girl in which her genitals has teeth. Hence, the term "vagina dentata" I was suppose to entitle my post with the said term but then again it might freak people out. (Lol!) I know that its too direct right? So I ended up with "Teeth". Seems legit anyway!

This was my #OOTD for Halloween but I'm not even sure if it's considered a costume. (Haha!) Hey, don't judge! It was an on-the-spot decision to dress up and party for Halloween. Yep, you guessed it right (Feeling noh?) it was entitled teeth because of the lip print just in front of my female parts. My sibs and friends were just making fun of me that night coz I had nothing to wear! #SorryNotSorry.

Just above this is my "Who run the world? Girls!" pose. That's what you call woman empowerment. Thanks Beyonce! You're the queen ;)

Photos by: Ben Mark Misoles

Since I felt "blah" with my outfit & I got pressured with my friends who had nothing to wear in the first place but ended up having a way much better costume than mine! So I spiced it up a little bit. Tada! Now I'm a frustrated-retro-rocker-with-a-super-power-of-vagina-dentata. Hahaha! (Gaad. I'm so annoying! Haha.)  Happy Halloween co-blood-dripping-monsters! :)

P.S. I promise to do better next time! ;)

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