Monday, December 23, 2013

Blue Weather

Woke up to a #SweaterWeather kind of weather today and I rushed immediately to my suitcase (Yes, I haven't unpack since then. #ForgiveMe!) to see if I packed sweaters, tights and other cover-ups to insulate me from the cold. And luckily I did! (I just exaggerated the rush thingy though. Lol) But really I was so excited to dress up already!

Wearing sweaters and tights makes me feel like I'm from a different country (You feel me noh?). The perks of enjoying the snow and getting frozen by the negative degrees of temperature! I'm the type of girl who'd rather tolerate cold than heat. So when weather like these occupy our tropical country I don't hesitate to wear such clothing (e.g., sweaters, tights, boots, coats, blazers, hat, etc.) even if I get a lot of stares from strangers! #DontMindDontCare.

P.S. I'm not gonna lie I did get a lot of different stares from strangers! ;)

According to my readings their stares meant:
1.) Where is she going anyway?!
2.) I like her outfit! I wish I could dress up like her!
3.) We are in a tropical country! Why is she wearing something like winter-ish?
4.) Is she really that cold?
5.) I like color blue!
6.) WTF?!!?

Hahaha. I don't know if my readings are even legit but what do you think of my #OOTD when you see me in person? Please do leave a comment! (Much appreciated!) :)

I really took the opportunity to dress up like I'm in Forks (or in any cold places!). I didn't really care what would others think. I might look overdress just because Mr.Sun didn't come out. But hey, it's not everyday that we experience this kind of weather so might as well gear up!

Wearing sweaters and feelin' like its winter is legit because it's Christmas anyway! Speaking of, only one day left before Christmas Day. Happy Holidays everyone and have a merry one! :)

What I'm Wearing: Sweater - Terranova | Skirt - Just G. | Tights - Terranova | Oxfords - Aldo | Belt - Forever 21 | Hat - WAGW (What A Girl Wants) |

Photos by: Ben Mark Misoles  | Alson Camile |

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