Monday, November 18, 2013


One of the most-awaited party here in Davao just happened. (And twas fast!) Everyone was freakin' excited! Including me of course! I mean, who wouldn't be?! First-time in Davao!

Everyone (Lol. Not really!) kept asking me what to wear on the said event. I had my ideas and I was right! People should be wearing ensembles that are worn in Music Festivals! You know, something like Coachella-ish and Wanderland-ish. Since I went to Wanderland last May, I didn't have a hard time picking clothes because I had a lot of ideas and thank goodness I got some creativity shenanigans flowing in my blood. (Well, not literally!)

One of my signature styles would be wearing "flower wreaths" but then I wore it already to Sunbaked and I had a premonition (Wait, whaaaat?! :p) that a lot of ladies out there will be sporting one above their head as if there are plants. And I was right again! A loooooooooot of flower wreaths were blooming. Making the event more like a garden! (Just kidding!).

So I wanted to be different and they say "LEAVE A MARK!" so I decided to wear a feathered headpiece (I DO NOT FEEL LIKE A CHICKEN!) to be unique. My dad always say that the "U" in "Dacalus" means unique. (I so love my dad!)

P.S I made it myself! What do ya think? ;)

Since it's a party I already expect that a lot of people be soakin' wet in alcoholic drinks, sweats, and water. (Sweats & other fluids!) So I wore my palladium boots to protect my precious toes from being stamped by other ugly toes. (Meanie me. Haha!) and I don't want to be covered since its gonna be hot and icky sweaty.

I didn't wear too much accessories because I know I will be moving around, dancing a lot, and be like wild young and free. (YOLO-ing!) I just added this huge "LOVE" necklace and my overused wrist watch to complete my look.

I already told you in my previous posts that I'm such a sucker for detailed and sexy backs. And here I am again, wearing a simple plain black midriff top but when you glance at the back it screams "peek-a-boo". Simple & Sexy!

Midriff top & Striped shorts: Forever 21
Plaid cover-up: Thrifted
Boots: Palladium
Watch: Aldo
Love necklace: Stradivarius
Feathered headpiece: DIY

Photos by: Elmond Ray Dacalus

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