Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Carte Blanche Electric Music Carnival 2013 was a first in Davao! First time in the city yet already 10,000+ people attended! (Phew). Everyone was psyched to get a taste of this 3D party. Like what Fergie said, A little party never killed nobody! ;)

My #CarteBlanche2013 experience was so epic that it's hard to construct and put it into words. (But I'm trying!) It wouldn't be all that fun if it weren't for my best buds foh life!

 It's nice to be carried up on my friend's shoulders. Since the crowd was like a can of sardines. People were stuffed & so little air. There was indeed a scarcity of oxygen. Being able to be on their shoulders was a blessing! I could breathe more and I could feel the intensity! You could see everyone so hyped up during the party!

 Me and my gang loaded ourselves with body paint! (Thanks to my animator brother Moi!). These symbols didn't even mean a thing. We just like the idea of being canvases of meaningless symbols. (Haha!) But really the colors and symbols just looks pretty! 

 Just look at that happy face of mine! I mean really who doesn't get all giddy when someone bothers to carry your heavy butt around their shoulders in a very crowded place? Thank you Ramvy & Sooni for bothering! I hope I wasn't that heavy. Hihi

One of the perks of having SVIP tickets is that they give you free 3D glasses. But sadly these 3D glasses were just put to waste. Some got soakin' wet and all muddy on the ground. But luckily for me, I left it at the car and twas damage free. So it will serve as a remembrance!

 Another nice thing in #CarteBlanche2013 is that in every corner you bumped in to your other friends and acquaintances. And you can't help but to scream and say "Hiiiiii!" (With feelings and all-giddy!). Lots of familiar faces too! And of course our crushes was there too!

 This party was intended for "hydrophilic" people (Sorry hydrophobics!). Everybody was soakin' wet! Wet because of their sweats, water guns filled with water and alcoholic drinks, cups filled with beer randomly thrown in the air. And lastly because of the rain! There was a heavy downpour and I was loving it! Some were even jumping on the mud. Splash-splashing mud on everyone! (I was among the victims. Haha! But who cares?!)

 What I love about this is the Carnival themed party! It made me so nostalgic about my debut. Mine too was themed carnival. So its just like attending my 2nd debut!

 The intensity of that euphoric feeling dancing to the beat of every music with our hands up in the air and singing our hearts out with our feet jumping off the ground! Just priceless!

 DJ CALLUM DAVID IS SO HOT! Did I just mention he was hot?! YES. INDEED! DJ CALLUM IS HOOOT. I'll finish this sentence that he is hot! PERIOD. (Haha!)

P.S I'm sorry for all the blurry and out-of-focus pictures. Clearly no one really bothered to take a perfect shot because clearly again everyone was busy having fun and dancing with all their hearts out! But then again these fail shots means one thing - we were all on cloud nine! An evidence of one-epic-worth-to-remember-party!!!

Thank you Manic Nightnings Productions
and to the Mother Hen - Kat Dalisay!

Photos by: EVERYONE!

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