Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Who among you have seen the movie 'Frozen'? (Waiting for answers like Dora the Explorer). Some of you might have watched it with your friends, some with their other halves and whatnot. I saw it too the only difference is that I watched it alone. Yes! Just me,myself and I. But that doesn't mean I did not have fun. I supercalifragilisticlyexpialidocious (correct me if I'm wrong) loved it!

Disney movies never fail to melt my heart and take me back to my child-like wonders! It gives me the pursuit of happiness! :) 

I was going to title this post "Crystal" because of the crystals embedded on my top and because a lot of people mistaken my name "Christelle" as "Crystal" but then my supportive brother objected! And he suggested that I'll name this post "Frozen" (Which I did!). Now I feel like an Ice Princess. Hi! I'm Queen Elsa of Panabo City. lol!

I wore this #OOTD to celebrate my sister's birthday. We had lunch at Vikings. Since there is going to be tons of options that you can't decide what to eat and you end up having a little bit of everything in your plate that your tummy gets bigger and bigger then explodes (Just kidding!) So I opted to wear a gartered skirt to compensate those extra inches from all the eating & drinking! ;)

Since I wore a light & pastel ensemble I incorporated my outfit with silver & gold accessories + white bag & belt + lilac studded sandals to complete my look! Now I'm fashionably-Vikings-ready!

What I'm Wearing: Top - WAGW (What A Girl Wants) | Midi Skirt - PerfectClothing1 | Belt - Loalde | Bag - Aldo | Sandals - TonicBagShoes | Rings - CessyClassy | Watch - Aldo | Bangle - Given by my Tita |

Photos & Edited By: Elmond Ray Dacalus

Friday, December 27, 2013


This particular photo was taken like months ago! If you can't tell the time difference, please refer to the length of my hair. I'm still as pixie as a bee. (Waiiit, whaaat?!)

There was no class because of a holiday that I can't even remember (or I just don't know). Everyone was obviously giddy! Who wouldn't be? The "No Class" announcement made our day complete! ;)

Whenever I get lazy in dressing up I usually go for my boyish side (to the point that I go to my brother's closet). Since I was in Davao I had no grasp to my bro's closet but luckily I hoarded a bunch of his ensembles! Tadaa!

My button down shirt was actually from my brother when he was a kid. Gladly, it fitted perfectly. Paired it with a geometric printed shorts. Equals print on print! Loving the checkered & geometric combi! And ofcourse, sprinkled some feminine details on my #OOTD.

 What I'm Wearing: Top - From my brother | Shorts - Forever21 | Hat - WAGW (What A Girl Wants) | Bag - Trafaluc | Sneakers - Keds | Belt - Promod | Watch - Aldo |

Photos by: Alson Camile

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hello everyone! How was your Christmas? Was it a merry one? :) 
Mine was chaotic but merry! Our household was full of children (including me! Haha.) But really our noche buena was more of a children's party! But we didn't mind at all. You can't help the faces of my cute little patooties nephews and niece! It was exhausting though because you have to make sure they are safe and you have to follow them wherever they go ;) #TitaDuties.

Days ago (I could hardly remember!) my sister told us that we'll be going to Davao to have our passports renewed. Since they were strict regarding their dress codes I had to dress up behave-ly (No peek-a-boos for now!). So I opted to wear this white crisp polo shirt and paired it with a vibrant patterned shorts + these spiky-homicidal-loafers!

So who here agrees that I just looked like a Tennis Player? Anyone? (Haha!) I don't know about you but I kinda looked like a tennis player with my #OOTD. All I need is my racket and my tennis ball to complete the tennis player vibe!

What I'm Wearing: Polo Shirt - Giordano | Shorts - WAGW (What A Girl Wants) | Belt - Mango | Headband - Cotton On Kids | Loafers - TonicBagShoes | Watch - Aldo |

Photos by: Elmond Ray Dacalus

Monday, December 23, 2013

Blue Weather

Woke up to a #SweaterWeather kind of weather today and I rushed immediately to my suitcase (Yes, I haven't unpack since then. #ForgiveMe!) to see if I packed sweaters, tights and other cover-ups to insulate me from the cold. And luckily I did! (I just exaggerated the rush thingy though. Lol) But really I was so excited to dress up already!

Wearing sweaters and tights makes me feel like I'm from a different country (You feel me noh?). The perks of enjoying the snow and getting frozen by the negative degrees of temperature! I'm the type of girl who'd rather tolerate cold than heat. So when weather like these occupy our tropical country I don't hesitate to wear such clothing (e.g., sweaters, tights, boots, coats, blazers, hat, etc.) even if I get a lot of stares from strangers! #DontMindDontCare.

P.S. I'm not gonna lie I did get a lot of different stares from strangers! ;)

According to my readings their stares meant:
1.) Where is she going anyway?!
2.) I like her outfit! I wish I could dress up like her!
3.) We are in a tropical country! Why is she wearing something like winter-ish?
4.) Is she really that cold?
5.) I like color blue!
6.) WTF?!!?

Hahaha. I don't know if my readings are even legit but what do you think of my #OOTD when you see me in person? Please do leave a comment! (Much appreciated!) :)

I really took the opportunity to dress up like I'm in Forks (or in any cold places!). I didn't really care what would others think. I might look overdress just because Mr.Sun didn't come out. But hey, it's not everyday that we experience this kind of weather so might as well gear up!

Wearing sweaters and feelin' like its winter is legit because it's Christmas anyway! Speaking of, only one day left before Christmas Day. Happy Holidays everyone and have a merry one! :)

What I'm Wearing: Sweater - Terranova | Skirt - Just G. | Tights - Terranova | Oxfords - Aldo | Belt - Forever 21 | Hat - WAGW (What A Girl Wants) |

Photos by: Ben Mark Misoles  | Alson Camile |

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Primary Colors

Since it's almost Christmas I opted to wear primary colors that are also Christmas colors too! By the way, my ID got confiscated for violating one of my school's dress code in which I wore a see-through top. Ooops! #SorryNotSorry. Fashion kills, in my case fashion is also about violating the norms. #DeviantMe!

I never thought blue and red would be a good pair. And to my surprise it did! Dare to be #cuhluhful! Never be afraid pairing a color with another color. This is one of my faves things to do - #ColorBlocking.

Forgive me for I have been overusing my golden yellow strap sandals. I just can't help it they always match every outfit I wear. It's my go-to-shoesies!

I, too am a sucker for lace-y and dainty stuffs. It makes everything so feminine and hides my boyish facade in a way. (Hahaha!)

What I'm Wearing:  Top - InVogue | Pants - Cotton On | Belt: Forever 21 |
Tank top - Aeropostale | Watch - Aldo | Sandals - Steve Madden |

Photos by: Ramvy Maquilan | John Fong |


Every time I wear neon colored ensemble or tribal patterned clothing and such my brother never fails me to call "ethnic". Neon colors and tribal prints always emphasize my dark-colored skin and this accounts for the title of my post "Ethnicity".

I really don't mind being called "ethnic" or what. It just really shows my true colors and what human race I belong in! #LoudAndProud.

Obviously, my #OOTD screams ethnicity! Look at my tribal shorts plus my neon colored sleeveless, bra, and shades. Plus the cloth of my snapback is native. Very ethnic! ;)

Forgive me for the peek-a-boo details of my bra I just can't help the emission of the scorching sun nowadays. Getting hot as ever!

What I'm Wearing:   Top - Forever 21 | Bra - La Senza | Shorts - InVogue |
Belt - Forever 21| Snapback - Oxygen | Sunnies - Aldo | Sandals - Steve Madden |

Photos by: Kathleen Dacalus