Friday, March 14, 2014


Our last field exposure happened last week at Pantukan, Comval. To tell you honestly it wasn't all that "fun" unlike the one in Talikud Island but nevertheless I did enjoy it a lil bit. No matter how dull the place you're going to, it's the people you're around with that makes everything fun, exciting, and having the best days of your life! :)

 Out of all the field exposures I've been to, this was the first time that I woke up late and didn't packed my bags. The moment I opened up my eyes I was already in panic mode! That feeling that you don't know what to do first. Pack your bags or take a quick shower? Found myself walking in and out of my room and into the bathroom. I didn't even know what to wear! What's worse was my classmates calling me and texting me "WHERE THE HELL WAS I?!" simultaneously.

 I didn't want them to wait for me because I too am a person who doesn't want to wait. So I had no choice but to drive off my butt from Davao to Pantukan. Long distance driving baby! :) Well, it wasn't a bad thing at all because finally I can drive without limits! The escape from Davao and its speed limits. It feels so good to be on a rush and fast but not furious! ;)

Despite coming off as "unprepared". I loved how my #OOTD finished off. I guess the result of the adrenaline rush? #LOL. So basically I just grabbed whatever I can grab from my closet and tadaa! Effortlessly looking despite all the cramming. HAHA!

 What I'm Wearing: Dress - Mango | Lace top - Aeropostale | Bikini top - iLoveKoi swimwear | Sunnies - Aldo | Watch - Aldo |

 Photos By: John Rick Fong

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