Friday, March 21, 2014


Last March 16 was the Araw ng Davao. I know it's late but whatever - Happy Araw ng Davao! *I still hope you feel the vibe & spirit* Of course when it's the "day" of the city everyone celebrates! As for me? I went to two different parties - Step Up Street Party & Liberalia. Found myself in two shindigs which both are distantly far from each other. Well, a little party never killed nobody! ;)

Since it was going to be a loooong night *indeed it was!* I opted for carefree pieces that are both light, comfy, and that I'd be able to bust some moves on the dance floor! The trick was to add some prints and a pop of color and I'm good to go ;)

To protect my feet from all the stomping of other people's feet, mud, and other deadly stuffs *lol* I, most of the time, wear my palladium boots. And yes it is comfy and ultimately you can survive dancing from dusk till dawn!!! Worth the chunks of money ;)

What I'm Wearing: Top & Shorts - Forever 21 | Boots - Palladium | Flowercrown - FlowerCrownDavao | Necklace - Bubbles | Watch - Aldo | Socks - Topshop |

Photos By: Jimbelle Ha

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