Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Who among you have seen the movie 'Frozen'? (Waiting for answers like Dora the Explorer). Some of you might have watched it with your friends, some with their other halves and whatnot. I saw it too the only difference is that I watched it alone. Yes! Just me,myself and I. But that doesn't mean I did not have fun. I supercalifragilisticlyexpialidocious (correct me if I'm wrong) loved it!

Disney movies never fail to melt my heart and take me back to my child-like wonders! It gives me the pursuit of happiness! :) 

I was going to title this post "Crystal" because of the crystals embedded on my top and because a lot of people mistaken my name "Christelle" as "Crystal" but then my supportive brother objected! And he suggested that I'll name this post "Frozen" (Which I did!). Now I feel like an Ice Princess. Hi! I'm Queen Elsa of Panabo City. lol!

I wore this #OOTD to celebrate my sister's birthday. We had lunch at Vikings. Since there is going to be tons of options that you can't decide what to eat and you end up having a little bit of everything in your plate that your tummy gets bigger and bigger then explodes (Just kidding!) So I opted to wear a gartered skirt to compensate those extra inches from all the eating & drinking! ;)

Since I wore a light & pastel ensemble I incorporated my outfit with silver & gold accessories + white bag & belt + lilac studded sandals to complete my look! Now I'm fashionably-Vikings-ready!

What I'm Wearing: Top - WAGW (What A Girl Wants) | Midi Skirt - PerfectClothing1 | Belt - Loalde | Bag - Aldo | Sandals - TonicBagShoes | Rings - CessyClassy | Watch - Aldo | Bangle - Given by my Tita |

Photos & Edited By: Elmond Ray Dacalus

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