Monday, November 4, 2013

Flower Child

"November". It's the time of the month wherein people visit their long lost loves. A day only just for them. On November 1 we paid a visit to my grandparents, both sides (Sucks that I didn't get to meet them! *Sigh.) I wonder what it feels like to have grandparents. I'd really love to hear stories of the past and how was the world different from today.

The day after tomorrow (Which is November 2. Duh! ;) Mom begged (Keep calm she didn't kneel and all!) us to go with her to Samal. At first we were hesitant because of the scorching hot weather! But then we eventually gave in. (We couldn't help Mom's face! lol)

Since the weather was boiling hot I opted to wear clothes that are comfy and at the same time cool. Forgive me for not being covered! Mr. Sun wasn't nice.

Cemetery hopping with these kind of outfit? I know! Forgive me please *insert puppy eyes*. Don't worry I brought a cover-up to minimize people staring at me! ;)

I really love piling floral pieces from one to another! It makes me feel like a plant. Yes, you heard that right a blossoming plant! (Sounds like botany! Haha). It just feels so summer-y. Sembreak is the shorter version of summer in -Ber months.

Shorts: Bought at a bazaar ;)
Watch: Aldo
Shoes: KEDS
Socks: Forever 21

Photos by: Elmond Ray Dacalus

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