Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SEMBREAK 2K13 DIARY: Crimson Sunset

When I find myself with nothing to do, I usually spent it at the pool. The water is just so tempting! You can't help but take a dip. On this particular day, the sunset is just so breathtaking! I'm such a sucker for sunsets. I mean, look at the color of the sky - a mix of orange, pink, blue, violet and crimson. What's not to love?

Sunsets, one of my favorite time of the day. (I know you love it too!)

Sunset + Pool + Friends = Fun sembreak!

Having a blast and a good laugh with my Kuya and his friends (Not on the background)

Bikini Top: iLoveKoi Swimwear
Origami skort: iFassion

Photos by: Alson Camile

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