Friday, November 8, 2013

Sembreak 2013: TEA PARTY

Semester break doesn't mean all fun and exciting. There are days when you're bored to the extent of not knowing what to do. (You feel me?) What sucks more is that you're becoming a couch potato. Bed all day. House arrest sucks right?

One fine night me, my brother, and Sooni decided to go to Davao and be anywhere where the wind blows (Actually, where my hand and feet takes us because I'm their mighty driver!). Our agenda was to work on my brother's thesis as well as to eat.

YellowHauz has this perfect combination of a workplace and offers great options of food! Not to mention their ambiance too! I just love it here mainly because of their hanging lightbulbs! I'm such a sucker for anything a dash of romantic ;)

Since we all got full of what we ate (Just look at the pictures!). Me and my brother ordered some tea. Jasmine for me and Earl grey for him. Now it's time for a PARTY! A tea party to be exact! ;)

Instead of taking a shot of alcohol why not a shot of tea? A much more healthier and beneficial choice! Sooni didn't like the tea at all but me and my brother liked it since we're tea drinkers! Hot or cold.

It was refreshing to just hang out, eat, and drink tea. Not the usual party, drink, and YOLO! (You know what I mean *wink'wink*)

Photos by: Alson Camile
Elmond Ray Dacalus
and Yours Truly :)

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