Monday, November 18, 2013


People (Including you, I guess) have seen me wearing this thing above my head during the Carte Blanche 2013 event last November 16. To answer all the questions: I didn't bought it I made it! (Standing ovation for me please!) 

So I'm taking you to a journey of step-by-step on how on earth did I make it!
So here it goes..


1.) Before everything else, you need to assess what materials you're going to use.
Note:Squeeze all those creative juices out!

And oh, I also used a tribal cloth (not pictured)


 2.) Cut the cardboard according to your desired length and width. You got to base it according to the size of your head. (Of course, you silly!) 


3.) I covered mine with a tribal cloth. Cut the cloth according to the length and width of your cardboard and make sure that the cloth is glued to the cardboard.


4.) Before gluing the feathers to the cloth and cardboard, arrange first the feathers according to your desired placement. And remember to have fun designing! ;)


5.) When you've already decided your design. Start gluing them. As for me, I started gluing the dark colored feathers then followed by the colorful ones. 


6.) After gluing all the feathers. Start gluing the rhinestones afterwards.

The finished product..

Right side:

 Left side:

 P.S you can add more stuffs (like beads, strings, buttons, everything!) to your feathered headpiece. Be more creative and have fun!!!

P.S.S try to be more careful in making artsy-crafts I got a lot of burn and cuts (Wanted: Scissors & Gluesticks) Pssh, clumsy me. Haha!

Made & Photos by: Yours truly! ;)

I certainly left a mark during the Carte Blanche 2013 :)

Just easy right? Start making yours now!

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