Saturday, February 1, 2014


There are days when my #OOTD doesn't cooperate with the weather (or the weather doesn't cooperate with my #OOTD? Lol) or the weather is just so bipolar that it couldn't decide which mood is it going to be. Or I might be just terrible at predicting the weather that I end up wearing the wrong choice of clothes. 

This particular day was so hot and obviously I wore the wrong pieces: the cover-up and I was wearing dark colors from head-to-toe which absorbs more heat. #WrongTimingWrongClothes.

 I can no longer bear the heat that I decided to take off -> my cover-up, you silly! (Hahaha!)

What I'm Wearing: Cover Up- Thrifted | Tank top - Aeropostale | Pants - SM department Store | Belt - Forever 21 | Watch - Aldo | Hat- WAGW (What A Girl Wants) | Oxfords - S&H | Camera - Fujifilm Instax Wide 210

Photos By: John Rick Fong

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