Saturday, February 15, 2014


Ah, February 14 just passed by and I've been deaf and blind with all the cheeziness around me! (Especially on social networks). I may be cynical but I'm greeting y'all a Happy hearts day! (SINGLES INCLUDED #OfCourse!)

Valentine's Day is more of a family affair for us and not a one-on-one-with-your-lover-kinda-day-slash-night! We usually just dine out and eat and wherever the wheels takes us! But this year we decided to dress up and be all #FancySchmancy! I was pretty excited to wear heels again. (Haha! #SorryNotSorry)

I finally wore this orchid peplum dress (which is also perf for Chinese New Year. But, unfortunately we don't celebrate and I'm not Chinese.) which I bought like several months ago! I'm so happy that both of my dress and shoes has been finally put up to use. *Happy Dance* Don't wanna waste such grand outfit on just a casual day right? You feel me? No? Okay.

What I'm Wearing: Peplum dress - Topshop | Belt - Forever 21 | Heels - Stylehood |
 Earrings - Forever 21 | Gold charm - Just G. |

Photos by: Nanay Helen

Valentine's Day is not just for lovers, it is also for singles who are constantly reminded that we're still single. #HappySingleAwarenessDay & #HappyIndependenceDay is a much more accurate term for people who haven't found their other halves yet! #LOL.

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