Monday, February 17, 2014

Instagram | VSCO Diary: Field Exposure in Sta. Cruz, Digos

 If you're an avid (lol) follower of me on instagram (@500daysofmeangguy) I'm sure you have seen some of these posts (Actually just two!). If only I can posts all of these in instagram without annoying and boring you with it to the point of (maybe) unfollowing and blocking me (I hope not!) which I did not. So here I am sharing to all of you the adventure I've been in Digos :)

 A day at the beach has always been a good idea! #TheBeachFeels. Hector was right, the sun and sea truly makes me happy. #HectorAnd TheSearchForHappiness (Such a good book though!). Now my weekends are no longer spent inside a four cornered lair and be all like a couch potato. Marine Biology, you're my savior!!! Finally reunited with #TheBeachLife.

I'll start this diary with a #Selfie. A shameless one of course! (Sorry I really love me. #Narcissistic) But don't worry I'm not going to overflow you (and let you puke rainbows) with my post filled with all of my selfies. I have my phone for that. Haha!

Breathtaking view for a starter as we entered the place. #ShadesOfWhiteAndBlue. Left me all in awwe (and me taking a hundred pictures of the sky) Lol.

This is how the pescetarian + OC Minggay packs her lunch. Must have a seafood, veggies, and fruits! #PackLunch. And oh, Happy 11 months to a pescetarian me! #HealthyLiving. And oh 'twas my first time to try this "tipay" shell. So goood! ;)

Oh the juxtapositions of colors and patterns of the umbrellas mixes well with the blue's of the sky and sea! #Cuhluhful. (British version of colorful. Haha!)

Another shot of selfie in a different form. (Clever me!) #Selfeet.

I guess this is my fave bridge I've ever set my foot in! (bottom pic) Everywhere is filled with Mangrove trees wherever you look! #BridgeToTerabithia?

They see us rollin', they hatin' #PimpMyRide.
And I had the ride of my life!
 (The little mighty bangka pulled the "kawayan" filled with more or less 45 people. How awesome is that?!)

Where there is sea, there are sea creatures. #WhereTheWildThingsAre.

And to end my diary posts with all the little things I've encountered. I'm such a sucker fore these. #TheLittleThings. Appreciating every beauty of nature! :)

My four leaf clovers - hard to find and lucky to have! #TeamFit.

Photos by: Yours Truly.

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