Saturday, October 19, 2013


Finally! Finals are over. Sembreak is here!!! I couldn't be more happy *Party here! Party there! Party everywhere* Haha! I really need this much awaited break. I've been so stressed! Imagine waking up so early for a 7:30am class schedule from monday to friday! (If only I was a morning person this wouldn't be much of a problem -.-) I know, I have the worst schedule eveer! But thank goodness first sem is over. Now I don't have to push myself to wake up so early. Hooray!

Since I got so busy with school works (char!) I was unable to posts my recent #OOTDs and whatnot. But now that "freedom" is here, I present to you my #OOTD last wednesday. My favorite day of the week for the reason that I get to express myself through the clothes I'm wearing. (Teehee!)

Like I told you I have a 7:30am class schedule so I don't really have time to "beautify" myself and what I'm wearing. I don't have that luxury of time. I can't even wake up on my alarm on time! Haha! So basically, I just have to grab what I think is what I'm going to wear and just pick the right stuff to accessorize with my ensemble. And I'm good to go ;)

There are plenty of reasons why I bought this top:
  1. It gives me this vintage-y feeling.
  2. It has a lot of details: lace & polka dots.
  3. I love the fact that it is peplum! (obsessing over them lately)
  4. It's black & white - Classic chic!
  5. I can wear it casually or formally.
Isn't it so versatile?! Me thinks so too. Mehehe :3

Since my top is already beautiful in its own way (Forgive me for the Lady Gaga lyrics. Haha!) I don't want to overwhelm it with lots of accessories. So I just went for some simple & minimal pieces. Don't you just love the heterogeneous mixture of gold and silver? ;)

Another thing that makes this #OOTD feels so old-fashioned is because of the hair. It has that vintage-y vibe. Don't you think? P.S i did my hair while I was driving my way to school. Told ya so little time! I know, it's messy but the messier the better ;)

 It started with this vintage-y feels, so I'm going to end it with the same vibe. So for the final touch I wore this lavender studded T-strap sandals to complete my look. Isn't she just lovely?

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Topshop
Wallet & necklace: Accesorize
Watch: Aldo
Sandals: TonicBags&Shoes
Bracelet: Gift from my Tita
Pearl clip: Stradivarius

Photos by: Sonnii Camile

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