Friday, October 11, 2013

The Tomboy Is Having Her Red Day

 I went out for this look & everyone was like "YOU LOOK LIKE A BOY!" only in vernacular version (Haha!) I actually get that comment a lot after I bravely decided to cut my long curly hair to a pixie cut. Everyone was asking why I did that, the answer would be very simple! I got bored & wanted a new look. That's all! Uhmm no, there was no dramatic break-up involve or whatsoever. Nice theory but no! ;)

 Since we're going to do some filming I opted for a basic tee, basic jeans, sandals, and a hat. Basically, all basic! I just wanted to freely move & run around without having to worry about my get-up. Well, the black, white, red and gold palettes are such a combo that it's so easy to pull these colors off!

 Fashion Tips: Yup, #ItsThatTimeOfTheMonthAgain! When my faucet starts to leak (see what I did there? haha!) I'd go for dark colored jeans. Everything is much more easier & fuss free! But when push comes to shove? Yes I'm referring to "wardrobe malfunction" *if you know what I mean* go get your blazers/polos or anything that has long sleeves will do. Tie it up around your waist & viola!

Tee-shirt: Forever 21
Pants: Cotton On
Blazer: Terranova
Snadals: Stradivarius
Hat: What A Girl Wants (WAGW)
Watch: Aldo

Photos by: Camille Taganahan
Abby Abines

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