Monday, October 14, 2013

Girlishly Boyish

 I've been eyeing on the color yellow lately (which is so unusual!) maybe because it gives me a happy aura! It somehow tells me that my day would be sunny & bright just like the sun. Just minus the awful heat though. Since the weather in Davao is piping hot I opted to wear a skirt, which is actually refreshing because it has been decades (hyperbole-ing) since I haven't worn easy-breezy-skirts. I paired my skirt with  a V-neck line white shirt with some scribbles on it. Just so you know, this ain't mine I stole it from my Kuyas. Oh the perks! (Sssh!). I also made sure to wear a native snapback to protect my hair from the scorching sun. See? Fashion with function! ;)

The V-neck line shirt and the snapback just screams "Oh Boy!" while the skirt, sandals, and the bag says "Oh Gal!". I can't tell which one is dominating; the feminine or the boyish side? What do you think? Ofcourse, comments are highly appreciated & encouraged! ;)

And oh, my #OOTD is in shades of yellow! (notice the snapback,skirt, bag, and sandals?) Yup, you guessed it right (or maybe not) yellow is my color of the moment :)

Snapback: Oxygen
Tee-Shirt: Artwork
Skirt: Thrifted ;)
Sandals: Steve Madden
Bag: Zara 

Photos by: Ramvy Maquilan


  1. I love it when girls wear something so feminine with a snapback. Cute outfit! Hope you can check out my blog and maybe follow if you like x. Also here's a link of one of my outfit posts you might like!