Monday, January 13, 2014


Hi, it's me again (in sweaters!). Well, lately I've been sporting sweaters (I think you do too!) because of the unending rain and the cold weather. This particular day wasn't raining at all but it was gloomy. I was kind of relieved to have seen the remnants of Mr.Sun coming back. But then again, I didn't trust what I've been seeing since the weather now is bipolar (Just like me! Haha!). Oh boy, I was right! Gloomy. Lil bit sunny. Then it rained! Oh the typical mood swings of our bipolar weather. ;)

Although I was happy with the cold weather since we don't really experience this much, (feels like I'm in Forks!) I was devastated to hear some bad news especially the ones in our region. Never ending blah reports of flood, landslides, and other destruction caused by the heavy rain for the past few days. Let's all pray for our dear Kababayans! And for us, as well as for them - 
Stay safe and dry! :)

Paired the timeless black & white ensemble for my #OOTD. Yes, I am mourning for the loss of Mr.Sun. Gone are the golden hours of heat and radiance (but mostly heat). But anyway, THE COLD NEVER BOTHERED ME ANYWAY! Imagine me singing that line as Queen Elsa. Clearly, I haven't moved on yet from the movie "Frozen". #SorryNotSorry!

Facial hair all over my upper extremities. Origami skorts on my bottom. Spiky loafers on my feet. Refined wine on my lips. Now, that is what I call grunge! (Not the typical Minggay) ;)

What I'm Wearing: Sweaters - Forever21 | Origami skorts - iFassion | Bag - Aldo | Snapback - Oxygen | Watch - Aldo | Loafers - TonicBagsShoes | Refined wine lipstick - Maybelline | Spiky bracelet - Butingtings |

Photos by: Elviston Dacalus 
*clap clap*

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