Saturday, January 11, 2014


The weather in Davao is being slutty again. #SnuggleWeather! Usually weather like these makes me so lazy that the bed always pull me down every time I try to get up. (Yes, I have an intimate relationship with my bed!) But today is an exception. I didn't feel like staying at home at all (so me and my bed broke up, temporarily.) It was an opportunity to wear *drumrolls please* - SWEATERS!

I really have an affinity towards the cold weather. It doesn't bother me at all. If I were to choose between hot or cold? I'd definitely choose cold! (Ice, ice, baby!) Experimented with sweaters over dresses and I was surprise to see such inseparable pairing! ;)

And who doesn't love the rain btw?! (Sorry hydrophobes :p) My inner child-like syndrome is functioning again! Playing in the rain were one of my fave past times since I was a kid! (I hope kids today still enjoy that though)

Since it was gloomy, of all hues in gray and blues. I didn't want to blend in with the colors of sadness. Instead, I opted to wear happy tones! As a result, my #OOTD feels like I'm a dessert waiting to be devoured by hungry children. Don't you think? No? Okay fine. (HAHA!)

What I'm Wearing: Sweater - Stradivarius | Dress - Kids Of Bayo | Hat - WAGW (What A Girl Wants) | Loafers - Primadonna | Socks - Forever 21 | Bag - Aldo |

                   Photos By: Yours Truly | Adrian Calunsag |

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