Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Woke up mid-noon and realized that I've missed all of my classes! (Since I only have classes in the morning). The culprit, which is the one to be blamed is, of course - the weather! #SweaterWeather. #BedWeather. #LazyWeather. #CuddleWearher. Weather like these makes me don't want to get up and just stay in bed all day! I guess I was in a dysania (or if you prefer clinomania) state!

I had all afternoon to my self (It was #HalfDayTuesdays!) and unfortunately I had no access to the internet connection. (Thanks sissy for misplacing our pocket wiFi!) I was a caveman that day. No facebook. No instagram. No blog. Nothing. Yes, a caveman! In today's world no one can live without the primary basic - internet.

One of my favorite past times would be reading. My current read for now are "How They Met & Other Stories by David Levithan" and "Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav". These are not exactly novels. These are composition of different short stories and poems 'bout love. #Bibliophile.

It's true that sometimes I get so deep with the books I'm reading that whenever I start, it would be so impossible to stop. But then again, I have to force myself because I don't want to neglect my studies and deprived myself with sleep. Sometimes, in order to let go of the books I need to distract myself and I'd find myself watching movies (whether repeated or new). My movie-go-to would be 500 Days Of Summer! Watched this a gazillion times but I never get tired of it! Not even a bit ;)

While these two activities (reading & watching) are ongoing. Drinking tea (or coffee if you prefer) and eating chocolates are a must for me! I just love how the tea compliments the sweet taste of chocolate. Such inseparable pair! #PhenylethylamineAndCaffeine.

What I'm Using: Books - How They Met & Other Stories by David Levithan | Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav (Both bought at Fullybooked) | Moustache pillow - Apostrophe |
Socks - Mothercare | Tea - Twinings' Jasmine Green Tea + honey | Highlighters - MUJI | Shirt - Uniqlo |

Photos by: Yours Truly ;)

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