Friday, January 17, 2014


After days of pouring rain and shivering in cold, Mr.Sun finally decided to come out! (Take off your sweaters and wear your sunnies!) I guess the feud is over between rain and shine (or so I thought?). Did Mr. Sun really took home the bacon? Hmm. I guess not, rain is still showing up though. Pouring heavy during evenings and dawns. (Fashionably late? Haha!) Not so brave of Mr.Rain eh? Hiding from Mr. Sun! Which side are you on? Team Rain or Team Shine? ;)

I felt a lil bit sport-y last #WednesdayWashday! So I let out my inner athlete self. To tell you honestly, I'm not the athlete type kind of girl (Booo mee!). I'm not even good at sports, not even one! (Pssh, I suck!) I only play during P.E because every student is obliged (even though you have no clue) to play. Because if you won't? You're going to FAIL! Lil bit harsh for non-sport-y people right? I feel you.

Since I don't excel on the field, might as well excel something where I don't get hit by the balls, or get injured, or get multiple bruises and whatnot. Might as well turn this frustration into what I'm best at (which I think it is. Hihi. #SelfProclamation!) 

I really love the black-white-red color blocking combo plus the polka-dots-and-houndstooth print on print pairing! I, too, get surprised on the things I match with. I guess I'm such a great matchmaker! #MinggayTheMatchMaker. Lol :D

What I'm Wearing: TeeShirt - Forever 21 | Houndstooth Jeggings - Uniqlo | Backpack - Jansport | Sneakers - Converse | Watch - Aldo |

                         Photos By: Odette Mariano

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