Monday, January 20, 2014


 You may think that I am not yet satisfied with the weather in Davao that I just went off to Buda for a much colder feels. But really, I wasn't (If you ever wondered). Me and my co-researchers with our adviser (and her family plus my driver) had our weekend at Buda not for some roadtrip, nor some R&R time or a weekend getaway. We were all there for the sampling for our thesis - hunting down every bit of frog species in the wilderness! ;)

 As expected, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more cooooolder in Buda! The toughest thing to do while you're there? It would be going for a bath! The water is so cold to the nth degree (T_T). And oh also we went inside the forest at the middle of the night looking for frog species and our only source of light was our flashlights and not to mention it was raining plus it was freezing cold! Imagine that.

  I piled on some layers for this trip, the cold was just unbearable (I guess the cold bothered me anyway! Sorry Queen Elsa). Brought every clothing that could warm me up - sweaters (lots of it even oversize!), jacket, coats, tights and socks! It's a must. It's a need. It's everything to keep you warm (and alive!).

 What I'm Wearing: Coat - Bossini | Jeggings - Uniqlo | Sweater - Forever 21 | Sneakers - Keds | Pendant - MurranoPh |

Photos By: Dayneil Peralta

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